VAT: Israeli passport holders are subject to pay VAT by law including dual citizenship passport holders. 
Only tourists with B2 or B3 visa class permits are waived.
Important: The Visa Permit must be presented at the rental desk for VAT to be waived. 
Airport Fee: One time charge of $27 will apply for Pick-up or Drop-off at the Ben Gurion Airport Location.
One Way Rentals are available FREE within all locations except for rentals To/From Eilat. One way fee for rentals To/From Eilat will apply as follows: 
1-2 Day Rentals: $200.00
3 Days and over: FREE
Deductible/Excess charges of $500.00 - $1,000.00 will apply in case of damage according to vehicle type. CDW does not cover damage caused to the Tires, 
Windscreen, Rooftop and underbody damage to the vehicle that will be charged accordingly.
Super CDW is optional and will reduce the renter’s responsibility to zero in case of theft or damage to the vehicle. Can only be purchased in conjunction with CDW & TP. 
Insurance Coverage's (CDW & TP) are to be paid directly by the customer at rental location.
3PLC (Limited Coverage) - Mandatory for customers that decline CDW & TP, and are covered by their credit card company.                            
To decline CDW & TP, the renter must have a US issued World Master Card or Canadian issued Gold/Platinum Visa/Master Card                             
and provide written proof that the card has relevant coverage for car rentals in Israel.                            
The 3PLC coverage is mandatory in Israel as a minimum coverage if CDW & TP are declined. Required to cover items that are not covered by the credit card company                             
such as blowout’s, tire/trim damage not caused by theft, vandalism or is not a result of vehicle collision and third party damage.                            
CDW & TP protection coverage’s must be purchased if sufficient coverage by the credit card company is not supplied for rentals in Israel.                            
Only US issued World Master Card or Canadian issued Gold/Platinum Visa/Master Card can be used to waive CDW & TP.                             
Maximum security deposit is up to the full value of the vehicle if the CDW & TP protection coverage’s are declined.                             
Protection Coverage’s offered by Third Party websites will NOT be accepted. Travel Guard coverage is NOT accepted.                             
Valid for rentals of maximum 28 consecutive days.                            
Delivery & Collection is available on request and requires confirmation.                            
Up to 15 KM from Pickup location: $15.00                            
Up to 30 KM from Pickup location: $25.00                            
Up to 50 KM and over from Pickup location: $40.00                            
Car models are for guidance only and similar car models may be supplied.                            
Minimum charge per rental day is 24 hours. Late returns of 1 hour and over will be charged at 1/3 of the daily rate.                             
Late returns of 3 hours and over will be calculated as one extra day.                            
Use of vehicle will be at full responsibility of renter as shown on rental agreement. Every additional driver must be registered on the rental agreement as well.                            
Fuel: It is recommended to return the car with a full tank of fuel. An additional Service Fee will apply for refueling.                             
The calculation for vehicles returned with missing fuel is an estimate of the missing fuel based to the standard rate per liter + 30% for service fee.                            
Early return of vehicle prior to the original return date will be charged according to the relevant rental period rate (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Etc).                            
Parking tickets, Traffic violations & Toll roads: An additional service fee of ILS 50.00 will apply for unpaid tickets ticket violations and toll road fees.                             
Free Sell applies for the following car groups: B(EBMR), C(ECAR), D(CCAR), E(CDAR, F(IDAR), I(SDAR), H(FDAR), M(PDAR).                            
All other groups require confirmation from our reservations department.                            
Stop Sell for specific car groups may apply with a 24 hour prior notice.                              
Minimum Rental Age of driver is 21 based on car group and requirements as shown below:                            
Groups B(EBMR), Q(MBAR), C(ECAR), D(CCAR), E(CDAR): Minimum age required is 21 (Additional fee applies) + Drivers License valid for at least one year.                            
Groups F(IDAR), FH(IXAH), I(SDAR), H(FDAR), M(PDAR), MH(SXAH), J(IFAR), T(CVMR): Minimum age required is 23 + D.L. valid for at least one year.                            
Groups R(LDAR), G(IVAR), U(PWAR), V(MVAR), V8(SVAR), S(PVMR), Y(PVMR), Z(PVAR): Minimum age is 25 + D. L. valid for at least two years (Group R minimum 3 years).                            
Group P(XDAR), W(WXAR): Minimum age required is 28 + Drivers License valid for at least five years.                            
Young Driver: An additional fee of $10.00 per day (maximum $75.00) applies for drivers 21-23 years of age.                            
Additional Driver: $2.00 per day (maximum charge $50.00).                            
Baby Seat: $5.00 per day (maximum charge $50.00).                            
GPS: $10.00 per day (maximum charge $75.00).                            
Payment Methods: Customer must present a valid major credit card registered on renters name to cover additional charges.                             
Major accepted credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners.                              

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