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VAT: Israeli passport holders are subject to pay VAT by law including dual citizenship passport holders. Only tourists with B2 or B3 visa class passport stamps are waived.

Declaration of Accessibility

Publication of accessibility arrangements:

Albar Car Fleet, the Europcar Israel appointed franchise is committed to invest significantly in both efforts and resources to provide customers with an equal, honourable, professional and accessible services.

Accessibility issues are carried out with the support of a certified accessibility consultant, as we consider our customers with disabilities as customers with equal rights that are entitled to benefit from full accessibility to the company’s assets and services.

Pursuant to the Equality of Rights for the Disabled Law, 5758-1998 and the regulations legislated by virtue of it, we carry out a comprehensive review of all service units to ensure compliance with the highest standards to examine and make sure full accessibility is applied for every individual. The company is currently in the process of carrying out modifications at service points that include procedures and internet websites as required by law. As part of the company’s preparations to make our services accessible for disabled customers, an Accessibility Coordinator has been appointed and has undergone appropriate training at the Chamber of Commerce and is continuously updated with accessibility issues.

Albar is committed to work and improve the accessibility of services provided to customers.

To view the accessibility arrangements in Europcar branches >>



At present there are no known accessibility limitations on our website. However, please keep us informed if you encounter a problem!

We do our best to safeguard and maintain the website at the highest level and it will be appreciated to include full details, as well as contacting the Accessibility Coordinator with a description of the problem. What was the attempted action and on which page? Please note the type and version of your browser, operating system, type of auxiliary technology (If used).


Our Accessibility Coordinator Details:

Please feel free to contact the accessibility coordinator for additional details:

Ms. Orna Paran

Tel: 03-6151458

Email: ornap@albar.co.il


For your convenience, modifications have been collated and displayed according to types of disability:


  • Digital email messages: Advanced services are enabled to receive and read your email messages digitally, including the option of increasing text size.
  • The Website: Accessibility issues are in process and expected to be completed within the time framework according with requirements of law.

Call Center Services:

  • Documentation of the customer’s needs and requirements: You can request the service representative to define the method of accessibility in your account modified specifically for you. This information is available to all service representatives every time you contact us for service.
  • Large font Printout.

Hearing or Speech:

  • Inductive loopset   - A special device which assists hearing impaired customers with a T-type hearing aid is in the final steps of deployment for all our branches throughout the country.
  • Provision of instructions by Fax/Handwriting
  • Phone services are available and accessible to all, including disabled customers. Automated voice response service is available 24/7, including assistance for all matters related to malfunctions of a vehicle. Voice response is modified in simple terms, with a slow and clear rate of speech, without background music. Representatives are available 24/7 to provide professional and personally modified services to customers.

Motor Skills/Wheelchairs:

  • Accessible Branches: We are currently taking action to ensure all branches are accessible to customers with disabilities. Inter alia the following modifications are carried out: accessible parking, modification access to the branch, preparation of accessible service desks, disabled toilets and waiting areas.
  • Service Animals: Service animals, as guide dogs are permitted to enter the company’s branches.
  • The company has a fleet of accessible vehicles pursuant to the Equal Rights for the Disabled (Arrangement of Accessibility to Public Transport Services) Regulations, 5763-2003.


Please call our Reservation Center for information or to make a reservation for accessible vehicles Tel: 03-6151000 

For additional information contact>> (please select the subject – accessible vehicle rental)