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Checkout Blog

The Travelling Stewardess Experience. Check Out Blog- Firsthand tips and best recommendations for trips around the world.

The Black Forest

In recent years, the Black Forest, located in the southwestern part of Germany, has become a particularly favorite destination for families traveling abroad.

Privilege Program

Join the Europcar Loyalty Program at no cost to gain benefits and accumulate rewards worldwide.

Deductible fees expenses reimbursement

All you need to know before renting a car
Albar provides a unique service and offers the purchase of the "Darkonit Larechev" policy from the Phoenix Insurance Company through the Ramot Insurance Agencies Ltd. This service is offered at a lower cost than that offered by rental agencies abroad for the reimbursement of deductible fees.

Coast to Coast

You can’t describe the USA in a few words. It has a lot of things, it has it all
Many diverse and wonderful cultures, many beautiful places to explore, lots of unusual attractions, and mainly many things that you just have to see.